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Tamales Mexicanos

Vegetarian Tamales­čî▒

Vegetarian Tamales­čî▒

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A delightful array of meat-free tamales that celebrate the vibrant flavors of vegetables and traditional Mexican ingredients. We offer a variety of choices to cater to every taste:

1. Coriander Mint Cheese (Potato, paneer cheese cubes in coriander mint sauce)

2. Rajas con Queso (Strips of chile and paneer cheese cubes in tomato sauce)

3. Chili and Cheese (A strip of chili with cheese)

4. Beans and Chipotle (Refried beans cooked with smokey chipotle)

5. Vegan Tamales, Garlic Mushroom and Herbs Tamales

6. Vegan Tamales, Sweet Potato, Black Beans & Corn Tamales

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