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Tamales Mexicanos

Tamales Platter Classic

Tamales Platter Classic

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Introducing our Mouthwatering Tamales Platter - A Fiesta of Flavor!

Indulge in the authentic taste of Mexico with our Tamales Platter, designed to delight your taste buds and transport you to the vibrant streets of Mexico City. This scrumptious platter is perfect for sharing with friends and family or savoring all to yourself!

What's included:
1. 6 Tempting Tamales: Our handcrafted tamales are made with love and expertise, using traditional recipes passed down through generations. Each tamale is a delightful bundle of perfectly seasoned masa dough, encasing a variety of savory fillings, such as succulent shredded chicken and Mexican spices. You'll find yourself craving these heavenly treats long after the last bite!

2. Tortilla Chips: Accompany your tamales with a generous serving of crispy, tortilla chips from yellow, red and blue corn. These chips are the ideal companion for your tamales, adding an irresistible crunch to every mouthful.

3. Choose 3 Mexican Side Dishes: Take your taste buds on a journey with our selection of classic Mexican side dishes. Whether you prefer the creamy and tangy goodness of authentic guacamole, the zesty freshness of pico de gallo, the rich and cheesy indulgence of queso dip, or the comforting warmth of refried beans, you get to choose two of these tantalizing options to complete your fiesta feast.

Quality Ingredients, Unbeatable Taste:
We pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients to create our Tamales Platter. Our tamale fillings are cooked to perfection, ensuring a burst of flavor in every bite. The masa dough is skillfully prepared to achieve the ideal texture and taste, resulting in tamales that are both light and satisfying.

Perfect for Any Occasion:
Whether you're hosting a lively fiesta with friends, celebrating a family gathering, or simply craving the authentic taste of Mexico, our Tamales Platter is your go-to choice. It's also a fantastic option for parties, potlucks, and office lunches, adding a deliciously cultural touch to any event.

Freshly Made with Love:
Each Tamales Platter is prepared with love and care, ensuring that you receive the freshest and most delectable Mexican cuisine. Our team of skilled chefs takes great pride in bringing the true essence of Mexico's culinary treasures to your plate.

Don't miss out on this flavor-packed Tamales Platter - order now and let the fiesta begin! Taste the authentic essence of Mexico with every bite, and treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience. Viva la comida Mexicana!
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